Czech kanjam association

Czech Kanjam Association was established July 10, 2012. The aim of the association is to promote and develop Kanjam in the Europe.


Kanjam history in the Europe:

The first Kanjam tournament in the Europe was organized in Prague 19 May 2012. Five pairs competed in the tournament, dominated Lukáš Polách and Lucie Kupšová. After first tournament increased interest of Kanjam, therefor are various meetings organized regularly. The first International Championship of the Czech republic took place 15 July 2012. From 16 Kanjam pairs won the title Tomáš Kovanda and Radim Koura. Championship was also broadcasted in the Czech television.


Chairman: Jan Schwarzer
Vice President for Development: Jaroslav Janiš
Vice-President for the organization of competitions: Tomáš Kaplan
Head of Secretariat: Tereza Pokorná