Kanjam in schools

Play kanjam in schools

Are you looking for a new exciting sport game which makes physical education classes more fun? Kanjam is the perfect outdoor and indoor sport without physical contact, which improves coordination of the body and is played in a friendly way. In the USA, Kanjam is used successfuly in more than 1,800 schools. Include playing of kanjam to the contents of physical education.


Play it anywhere

Kanjam can be played in schools as outdoor sport or in the gym. You can enjoy Kanjam also as an extracurricular activity and have a lot of fun. Students and pupils can play alone on the playground, meadow or in the park. Kanjam is a leisure time activity as well. However it is a demanding sport that requires coordination, concentration and technique.


Kanjam - cheap and practical solution

Kanjam goals are assembled in a few moments. It is easy to disconnect and store goals (containers) after your kanjam lesson. One Kanjam game set keeps to play four players! The whole class is intergrated with several kanjam game sets. Kanjam set costs 40 Euros.


Why to choose Kanjam?

During throwing and deflecting frisbee you improve your motor skills. You have to have a quick reaction and also good movement when deflecting frisbee.

Kanjam is developing cooperation of two players in the team and tactical actions

Consolidates the principles of fair play and respect in opponents

Enjoyment, peace and well-being are more important than victory or beating
Kanjam is a modern and very interesting sport for young people


What do americans teachers of physical education say about Kanjam? Billie Hanlon a Brendan Kent: www.kanjam.com/Community/KanJamSchool/

Try also kanjam in your school!