What is kanjam

Kanjam is noncontact sport with a flying disc and two plastic goals. Distant of goals is 15meters. Two teams of two players play against each other, the aim is to throw the disc from goal and hit the goal on opposite side. A player throws the disc to opposite goal, there is his partner who can deflect disc to the goal. A team must reach an exact score of 21points to win.

Kanjam is a great game that really fun everyone. Kanjam can play beginners and children from 12 years old because you can change distance between goals. Kanjam is a technical game where turns throwing and deftecting of the disc. An important role in the game is right tactic and mental endurance of the team!

Kanjam is a new game in Europe, but in the USA world championchips take place since 1990.

Start playing kanjam and become one of the best players in Europe!

Kanjam rules: kanjam.rules1.pdf (1,7 MB)   Kanjam.rules2.pdf (1,8 MB)

Complete rules: KanJamRules.pdf (608,2 kB)